You Built Your Cage & You Hold The Key

It’s January 2nd 2021

I want you to know that you are more powerful than you think.

You may not see it that way but, where you are in life is up to you. No matter what was said or done that you think negatively affected you, that was a moment or a season.

The fact that it continues to affect you today, is because you choose to let it.

I was talking to my sister Wema Chagula a few days ago and she asked me whether I have always been focused and purpose-driven. My answer was “Yes and No”.

I always had big dreams but, was not always big on follow-through. I made people and circumstances be my excuses for not going all out.

This was until the day I saw myself like this:

A depressed and distraught woman inside a cage, fists clinched around the metal bars surrounding her, screaming out for help with tears streaming down face. She wants out of the cage that has held her back from enjoying the peace and prosperity she knows she deserves.

Looking at her desperation, any passerby would feel sorry for this woman. But, what they wouldn’t realize is that there was a day that woman built that cage, and with a key, opened its door, walked in and locked the door behind her.

She has the key on the inside and whenever she chooses to she can open the door and get back out. But since that day, she chose instead, to remain in the cage. She gave up her power, her right, her responsibility to get out and so caged she remains.

No matter what you want, to dare to start, get unstuck, leveling up, as you start 2021, I ask you to #ReclaimYourPower

You have always had the power to change your mind, change your heart, change your life, you just chose to use it to remain.

This year, choose to use your power to go boldly after what you want to achieve.

This is your #Challenge

Take time to reflect on where you are in life and ask yourself these 4 questions: 1. What do I want for my life? 2. What cage have I locked myself in that’s holding me back from achieving it? 3. What is the key I already possess to unlock myself to get out and back to pursuing what I desire? 4. When will I make my move?

Welcome to #2021 The year to #ReclaimYourPower

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